How it works

  • Our customers are founders who have their sights set on building high growth, scalable companies.

  • We work with NZ accelerator programs to build the capabilities of Start-up applicants prior to entering the accelerator programs.

  •  We also help selected accelerator program applicants to validate & progress their idea over the time leading up to their team entering the relevant accelerator.

  • Our role is to help companies get 'problem solution fit' sorted before entering an accelerator program, so their focus during the accelerator can be about building and validating a product, gaining paying users and raising capital.

  • We also focus on  building resilient, high performing founders who can thrive in an accelerator environment. 

Program objectives


tools & knowledge

Learn the fundamental concepts behind building a high-growth startup, including startup DNA, customer validation & lean strategy. Access tools & mentor support to equip yourself for fast execution. 


Problem solution fit

Validate your idea down to a real problem from a specific target market perspective with the help of an experienced mentor. Our goal is to help you to later build a product that will attract and keep users.



Develop the mindset of a high-performing entrepreneur to improve learning and personal growth speed, build resilience and develop productivity & leadership capabilities. 



iNduction WORKSHOP

To introduce you to the fundamental concepts when building a startup, so you know what areas you need to focus on throughout the program. 


Video Content

To teach you key startup principles and useful tools. You can select the content most relevant to you so you're not wasting time learning things you already know.


Mentor support

You'll have a mentor to support you throughout the program, primarily to help you with validation, extracting learning and making decisions.