Our Clients


What startups we've worked with say:

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Tal Meser, CEO, Flatfish (Fintech Accelerator Startup Team)

"Our Startup team understood we had completed market validation investigations until we got involved with the Validator Pre-Acceleration Program. Combined with the push from Jeff to get out of the building and talk to our potential customers, this program proved an invaluable experience that we highly recommend to others in a similar situation.'"

Jonathon Dale, Co-founder, ProfitCubed (Independent Startup Team)

“We have learnt so much over the last 5 weeks and cannot thank you both enough for the great content and support. Our team had some great 'Aha' moments at the beginning with customer validation and continued to do so throughout the modules. Much of the content on this course has helped re-shape our thinking and direction.  Even if we don't progress to the accelerator, we will take a large number of gems from this course and apply them going forward with both ProfitCubed and in our personal lives. This is such a great platform you have created - my hat goes off to you.” 
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Andrew Montague, CEO, Investful (Fintech Accelerator Startup Team)

“I have had a lot of ideas for businesses or side projects in the past, but I never really knew about how to go about validating them and giving them a go. Without the Validator program, I’d still be stuck with a lot of ideas but never any action, and I never would have gotten into the Kiwibank Fintech Accelerator without the program (and Natalie). Starting from ‘first principles’, the programs focus on customer validation was crucial to our success. I had no idea how to conduct a customer interview, what kind of questions to ask, how to reach out to people. Throughout the program I was able to interview dozens of people and prove many of my assumptions wrong, which was amazing.
I loved the Validator’s focus on the founders, we weren’t only doing work and research into the customer but also into ourselves and our business. The tools and knowledge Natalie and Jeff have collected on mindset, solution fit and customer validation are excellent and I am still using all of the workbooks today!”  


What Accelerators we've worked with say:


Brett Holland, Head of Acceleration, Lightning Lab

“The Validator served a very important role for us. Determining how teams operate together is a critical part of the selection process for Lightning Lab. Jeff and Natalie’s programme gave applicants key market validation tasks and worked with them to see how they performed as a team.  In addition, their lessons helped prepare teams well for the accelerator environment, and they allowed my team to focus on putting together all the rest of the pieces for the Lightning Lab programme.  Our selection process was significantly improved by using the Validator and the teams who went through it were much better prepared for the accelerator.”
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What Mentors we’ve worked with say:

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Peter Gardner, Independent Business Advisor and Director   

“With 40 plus years experience in leading technology teams, and 15 years mentoring startup teams including lead mentor and investor in Lightning Lab, I joined the Validator mentor team because the program offered Startups’ a uniquely focused approach with their market validation phase.  It also helps Startups address other important elements that I have currently not seen in other startup support programs.”