what we do

We help early stage startups get accelerator or incubator ready.

Accelerator and incubator programs provide startups with a small amount of seed funding. They typically focus on helping teams to build a product, get market traction and raise their first round of funding. 

At The Validator, we run a market validation programme to support founders to form well-validated ideas, develop as entrepreneurs and build relationships with potential customers so teams are in a good position to enter an accelerator or incubator. Our goal is to get teams to a stage where they can focus on product, growth and funding during their time in an accelerator or incubator program, and have the capabilities to make the best decisions for their company.

nz centric

We fill the gap between idea and accelerator for startups.

New Zealand is still a developing startup ecosystem. Unlike Silicon Valley (where the accelerate model was developed by Y Combinator) and other well developed startup hubs, our culture and education is yet to reach startup maturity.

Most first time entrepreneurs need support to craft brilliant ideas and talents into a startup that is ready to be accelerated.
We focus on helping founders to develop the entrepreneurial mindset, which we believe is an important gap that needs to be focused on to help kiwis with great ideas turn them into scalable companies.

Our program is digital so we can help teams from all anywhere in the world.


Currently, the program is run over 5 weeks.

At the beginning of the program we invite teams to a face to face induction session covering startup fundamentals, followed by one-on-one session with the teams to set objectives for the program.

Throughout the remainder of the market validation program, the focus is on execution and validation. Video content and tools are provided to help teams up-skill and assist with the validation process. One-on-one sessions with a specialist mentor help participants to quickly learn best practice methods and receive relevant, personalised feedback. 


We believe in supporting founders first and foremost.

We appreciate the personal development journey founders go through, especially in the early stages, and know that building a business is as much about mindset as it is skill set. 

Our mission is to set up mentors and teams to be in a position to make the best decisions for their company. We help founders to become well informed when it comes to building their startup, and self-aware when it comes to their personal development.

Founders know the most about the problem they are solving and the people they are solving it for. Our role is to help them (1) pull out and put together the variables that will turn any idea into a viable startup; (2) build confidence and resilience to be in a position to create a unique, high growth company, and; (3) get to a stage where they're ready to be accelerated.