Our 5 week digital program helps founders up-skill and form well-validated early stage startups, so they can focus on the right things when it's time to grow.


Why we exist

We fill the gap between idea and accelerator or incubator for founders with ambitions to create high growth startups. 

Our market validation program is designed to get teams to a stage where they can focus on product, growth and funding during their time in an accelerator or incubator  program, and have the capabilities to make the best decisions for their company.

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program details

Our 5 week program is built on the following objectives:

  1. Provide tools & knowledge so participants understand the fundamental concepts behind building a high growth startup.
  2. Help teams to achieve problem solution fit, with a focus on having a validated target market & problem
  3. Instil the entrepreneurial mindset to build resilience, leadership & learning capabilities. 
  4. Offer training and support to skilled mentors in market validation program management.

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